Missing Parts

   Missing Parts is our entry to the Ludum Dare 43 Game Jam. Visit our ldjam.com page and rate Missing Parts.

Missing Parts is a point-and-click adventure, in which you play a little robot in a big factory. Your job is to maintain and fix the big machine.
Because that’s your Job!
The boss is putting a lot of trust in your capabilities. Better not disappoint them…


  • Self-explaining gameplay: Don’t waste your precious time on tutorials!
  • Handmade sounds & soundtrack: Use your ears for recreation while you work!
  • Cuteness!!!
  • Puzzles: Who doesn’t love them?
  • Hand-drawn everything: Use your coffee break to rest your eyes on a beautifully crafted environment!
  • Supportive messages from your boss: They really trust you!
  • Feel-good: Nothing is more satisfying than coming home after a hard day’s work!
  • Union-free-zone: Who needs these lazy scumbags anyways? Right?
  • Work-game-balance: Feel like you’re actually doing something!
  • No pay-to-win: You are already selling your labour!

There are a few problems. Depending on the browser you use you may not hear the robot speak, have no sound at all or (only happened in one case so far with Microsoft Edge) see no cursor. If any of these happen to you please consider using another browser. In the timeframe of this jam there was nothing we could do against these issues.