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We are Sloths and we are purple. What more is there to know? Oh, we create video games sometimes. We try and use them to deliver social commentary as well as fun gameplay.

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What is your gender?

The original release of "What is your gender" was our entry and…

Dungeon Break

   Dungeon Break is our entry to the Ludum Dare 47 Game…


   Gravelighter is our entry to the Ludum Dare 46 Game Jam.…
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Interview: Gaming, Politics and Empowerment

This interview was conducted by Verena Grün and originally published by the awesome Lotta magazine, an antifascist publication based in west Germany. Since it is only available in German on their site we have translated the interview and publish it […]

Text-to-Speech in Unity WebGL Builds

For our entry to the Ludum Dare 43 gamejam (Missing Parts) we wanted our protagonist to use simple text-to-speech (TTS) for the monologues. There are assets in Unitys Asset Store that can do this – but they start upwards of […]

Taking a Page from Godots Manual to Unity

A major problem for us with Unity has always been cooperating on scenes. There is no GUI support to resolve git merge conflicts and the pure text form of the scene files is barely human readable (it is to a […]

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