What's your gender

The original release of “What is your gender” was our entry and the winner to the “binary and beyond” themed 2021-bpb-game-jam. Since then a couple of updates have added content, english language support and rounded out the game.

‘What’s Your Gender?’ is an antichamber inspired educational puzzle game, that allows the player to simultaneously explore a non-euclidean maze and concepts and terms related to gender, identity and expression in a playful and reassuring manner. The game is currently available fully voiced in English and German.

What’s Your Gender?’ won the bronze award at the 2021 Melbourne Queer Games Festival.

»[…]this masterfully constructed, non-Euclidean installation will educate and inspire as you navigate through it.«
- Kotaku Australia

  • white geometric shapes with blue lights
  • the word "drag" surrounded by a purple glow
  • the word "fem" as seen from a balkony with transparent red railings
  • the word "non-binary" floating above twisted pyramids in pink light
  • different doors labelled with different pronouns
  • the word "void" in front of a black pattern
  • a twisted tunnel
  • the word "queer" with twisted tunnels and lights in different colors
  • the word "trans" in orange light with light blue beams crossing through the room
  • stairs going through a room full of floating cubes
  • the word "cis" with green light in a room with columns
  • the word "euphoria" above a room full of floating cubes
  • the word "fluid" with blue light
  • a white hallway with a door that leads to a red room containing the word "fem"