Time Traveler

Time Traveller is a 3D point and click adventure in a steampunk setting. Venture in the world of Koinonia in which you have to face a coming-of-age ritual, time-keepers, finding or maybe even rescueing a loved one and lots of other things.

Time Traveller is a prototype that was created during the nonbinary game jam 2021. It was written, drawn and coded by a team with a majority of queer and enby devs.


  • grppign storyline dealing with identity and time travel
  • slightly customizable charactewr
  • dialog puzzles
  • inventory puzzles
  • a wild steampunk world full of odd and lovable characters
  • time traveler menu screen, showing a steampunk airship flying in front of an idyllic scenerie.
  • the townhouse of the  Settelment the game starrts in, prominently featuring a large Clock and the gears that power it.
  • Interior of the airship. A dialog box can be seen in ther lower part of the Image.
  • the cityscape of act 2
  • some houses in the starting village
  • a well, some houses and some NPCs in the starting village