Missing Parts

Missing Parts is a point-and-click adventure, in which you play a little robot in a big factory. Your job is to maintain and fix the big machine.

Why? Because that’s your Job! The boss is putting a lot of trust in your capabilities. Better not disappoint them…


  • Self-explaining gameplay: Don’t waste your precious time on tutorials!
  • Handmade sounds & soundtrack: Use your ears for recreation while you work!
  • Cuteness!!!
  • Puzzles: Who doesn’t love them?
  • Hand-drawn everything: Use your coffee break to rest your eyes on a beautifully crafted environment!
  • Supportive messages from your boss: They really trust you!
  • Feel-good: Nothing is more satisfying than coming home after a hard day’s work!
  • Union-free-zone: Who needs these lazy scumbags anyways? Right?
  • Work-game-balance: Feel like you’re actually doing something!
  • No pay-to-win: You are already selling your labour!
  • ingame credit page
  • Playable robot standing in front of broken machienery. Open inventory and task displayed on screen.
  • Playable robot standing in a factory. Red and green lights indicate: 3 of the 8 problems have been solved.