You find yourself on a dark graveyard, with only your trusty old oil lamp keeping you company. The lamp is running low on fuel and darkness around you thickens! Can you make it to the saving warmth and light of the house before it overtakes you?


  • Explore a handcrafted graveyard. Solve puzzles in order to find your way to safety.
  • Play in VR!
    • We are currently supporting any Headsets that run with Oculus or Steam VR (including the Oculus Quest when using Link).
    • Play with a stationary or a roomscale setup with access to all common movement modes
  • Play in three Flatscreen modes
    • Normal – the game as originally intended
    • Light – adding much more light, making the game playable for anyone struggling with the low brightness
    • Hard – turning up the difficulty to 11 the game becomes a potentially frustrating experience, that asks players to explore and optimize every bit of their route in order to make it through.
  • An atmospheric soundtrack (see ingame credits for artists)


  • Winged statue on a graveyard. Scene illuminated by a gas lantern carried by the player.
  • entrance to mausoleum, winged statues left and right
  • graveyard illuminated by blue mist (lightmode)
  • screenshots/05.png
  • screenshots/banner.gif