Dungeon Break

You have been imprisoned by cruel forces and must make your way out of the dungeon and through the city. Unfortunately your malefactors have cursed you with a spell that will force you to teleport back to your original location after a set number of steps, if you cant make it to a saving portal in time. Puzzle yourself through a beautiful magical city and escape!


  • Puzzle your way through 10 Levels with increasing difficulty
  • Each level is carefully designed in a unique diorama style
  • Experience 2 cutscenes that round out the story
  • Customize your character! (Under settings in the main menu)
  • Skip or repeat levels via the level selection in the main menu
  • 100% original 3D assets and textures
  • Sounds and Music are not original by us, but carefully selected, modified and assigned
  • Options, Settings & Menus =D
  • Play(fully supported) on Web, Windows or Linux
  • playable cat figureine in a wine cellar with multiple levers, gates and portals
  • level consisting of two seperate parts, connected by portals
  • library style level containing many portals
  • dark outdoor level