Disturbing Waves

Disturbing Waves is a 3D first person adventure, in which you play as Cass, a dyslexic journalist who sails the Atlantic Ocean with a crew of vibrant characters in order to air a pirate radio show.

Disturbing Waves was created during the enby game jam. It was written, drawn and coded by a team with a majority of queer and enby devs and features cast of mostly queer characters.

Disturbing Waves features original artwork, an original soundtrack, a voiced cutscene, dialogs, puzzles and a few easter eggs.


  • Explore a ship and its crew
  • Quests and puzzles
  • An exciting narrative, ripe with social commentary
  • start menu showing sailing ship in the background
  • character on deck, dialog box in the lower sectionts
  • closeup of a machiene with a display depicting 2 waves and 2 rotary controllers
  • screen showing Quest list on the right, inventory on the left and quest discription on the bottom