A Mad Tea Party

The game is a product of the 41st Ludum Dare game jam, a challenge with the goal of crafting a game from scratch within 72 hours. The theme of LD41 was “Combine 2 incompatible generes”.

A Mad Teaparty is a puzzlegame that combines the classical Jump-and-run genere with a deck draftfting based card game. The player has to programm the movement of the protagonist employing basic aswell as special cards, finding their way trought the level, avoiding enemies and collecting pickups. Set in Lewis Caroll’s Wonderland the player steers the Cheshire Cat on their quest to find necessities for the tea party.


  • Explore 6 handcrafted Levels.
  • Compete for Highscors online.
  • Collect all pickups and find all Secrets.
  • Learn how to play in a fully voiced tutorial.
  • Enjoy 2 original Soundtracks composed for the game.
  • Experience 6 fully voiced Cutscenes.