Comfort Zone

   Comfort Zone is our entry to the Ludum Dare 42 Game Jam. Visit our page and rate it.

You were persuaded to go to Rosie’s party, despite not really feeling up to it. Find the friends you came to meet. Have fun exploring the party, while paying attention to your personal space and what happens around you on the ever-filling party to keep your stress-level low.


  • a house party with a large, interactive, self-governed party crowd
  • different story outcomes depending on your choices
  • several achievements
  • more than 10 minutes of recorded audio
  • hand-crafted 2D assets – a.k.a. millions of pixels in different colors 🙂
  • some animals and a cake


We had some problems with soundeffects and webGL so currently the game can only be played by downloading the Windows or Linux build.
Use W,A,S,D to walk around, press E to interact (when there is a corresponding prompt) and use the mouse to select dialogue options.

The techno song in the background is “Get Me On The Floor” by Gunnar Olsen (creative commons license). We did not opt out of the Audio category though, as all the dialog, party sounds and sound effects were done by us within the 72 hours.
The background image in the introduction (when interacting with the mobile phone) was created by one of our team, but before the jam started. All other assets and code were created during the 72 hours of the jam.

Downloads and Links