A Mad Tea Partey – LD41 Postmortem

This Porstmortem was originally published on ldjam.com.

What a blast! After a weekend with no to little sleep, joy, puzzlement and frustration we are finally done and have published The Mad Tea Party – A Card and Run game.

First Day

We took our time to decide on the genre mix we were going for. The theme hadn’t been our top pick,but we had much fun and plenty of ideas be it mini-puzzle-RTS, text-input-based 3D Adventure or Horror-Dating-Sim. In the end we settled on a Deck-Drafting & Jump ‘n Run mix.

We got the core mechanics working fairly soon, with the exception for the Deck drafting tech. The Alice-in-Wonderland setting was chosen and we started working on some basic graphics.

Second Day!

We managed to get to feature completion in the alotted time, wich was somewhat of a surprise. More and more additional artwork were brought in and finally the work on story, voiceacting, cutscenes etc. got started. On the Code side of things we got the SQL-Highscore code working.

Third Day

We were pretty much done, except for some level design, balance, bugfixing and polish, but golly, did we underestimate those! While we had had a running game since day 2 it took us almost untill the end of the additional houre to upload and publish the game (the ldjam website with it’s somewhat whacky sessionhandling doing it’s part in getting us frustratingly close to the deadline).

 And Now…

We are done! We have a working game with loads of features, Highscores, fully voiced cutscenes and original soundtrack! Now we are looking forward to playing all the other fabulous entries and eagerly awaiting commentary on ours.

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